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Delivery and deadlines

- Delivery price for a registered Lithuanian postal item - 2.40 €

- Delivery price by courier service - 5 €

- Delivery to Lpexpress terminals - 2.50 € (list of terminals can be found here)

- Delivery to Lpexpress terminals by bank card withdrawal - 2.50 € *

- Goods are delivered in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania within 2-4 working days (unless otherwise specified) after receipt of payment.

- When ordering goods up to 100 €, a delivery fee applies.

- When ordering goods over 100 €, the delivery fee is included in the price of the goods.

- When ordering goods to Neringa, an additional fee of 20.27 € is applied in all cases.

- Shipments to foreign countries - on request.


- In the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, the goods are delivered within 2-4 working days after receipt of payment, depending on the chosen delivery method.

- Delivery by courier service - up to 2 days.

- In special cases, if due to insufficient goods in stock it is not possible to deliver within 2-4 days, ordering and delivery of additional goods may take up to 10 days. The buyer will be notified by email. by mail specified by the Buyer at the time of registration.

- If the buyer is not satisfied with the unforeseen (extended) delivery time of the goods, the store undertakes to immediately return the amount paid for the goods to the buyer back to the invoice from which the payment was made.

- Delivery to the city of Neringa is subject to an additional fee and amounts to € 24.62


-Pay special attention to the appearance of the received goods and packaging. Unpack and inspect their condition, weight. Disassemble packages of suspicious weight or appearance and inspect their contents.

-Do not sign the shipment acceptance until you are sure that the number of packages is correct and all goods are healthy. If the courier has your signature, the parcel service will not accept any claims for defects that you notice later.

-Do not rely on the courier's guarantee that the parcel service is aware of the defect and that the sender (our company) is aware of the defect and that the missing packages will be delivered immediately. You must mark the deficiency in the notes on the courier's bill of lading and only then sign on the bill of lading next to your note. In this way, you accept the shipment with the defect indicated in the notes. You send the consignment note with a note to

If in doubt, call +370 661 49767 before the courier has left

Duties and responsibilities of the courier

The courier is guided only by the bill of lading - he is responsible for the amount of packaging transported, not the goods.

After the courier leaves, find the package marked with the "Shipment Documents" sticker. Then, after removing the shipping documents, inspect the goods and find out the defects. Write down the act.

If a note is entered on the consignment note, then the courier's signature on the deed is not required. If no note is made on the consignment note, then the deed will not help and the claim for damages will not be considered.

The report must be written on the same day and sent immediately to the sender (UAB "iZET")

We can only claim compensation from the parcel service if your note is recorded on the consignment note and we submit a claim, a copy of your deed and a copy of the consignment note within the set deadline.

The act must contain:

1. Recipient's name, address, telephone number for inquiries.

2. Date of acceptance of the consignment.

3. Name of consignor.

4. Number of the consignment note (not the sender's VAT invoice) (if not left, write).

5. How many packages had to be delivered according to the bill of lading.

6. How many packages were actually received.

7. Which trade names have not been presented or damage has been caused. (i.e. the merits of the claim).

8. Name and signature of the responsible person.

Send a copy of the deed to us immediately at (

Excerpt from the contract with the courier service:

 "Upon receipt of the Consignment, the Consignee must check the condition of the Consignment together with the carrier. Once the Consignee has signed the Consignment Note, the Consignment shall be deemed delivered.

 If the Recipient signs on any of the Consignment Notes by which the Consignment can be identified, that Consignment

shall be deemed to have been delivered even though the other Consignment Notes for the same Shipment would not be signed by the Recipient.

If the Recipient notices a violation of the Shipment or one of the Packages, the Recipient must note this in the Bill of Lading, and

to draw up a free-form Shipment Violation Act. If the consignee signs the Consignment Note without comment, it shall be deemed that

The consignment has been delivered in order and the carrier shall not be liable for any damage to or loss of the consignment or any part thereof which is subsequently observed. "

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail or phone.