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Vibrators: how to use

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Vibrator is the most popular sex stimulant, both when masturbating and playing with a partner. There is nothing surprising, but these tools provide fantastic sensations that would not be caused in any other way. Therefore, for women who have never tried these sex toys, we recommend trying them on their own or with a partner. Probably the best idea would be to test the vibrator first yourself and only then with a partner. When playing with a vibrator, you will be able to experiment and choose the most pleasant vibration speed and stimulation method. At the same time, you will be able to explore your body sensations, find the best way to relax, learn to feel a better orgasm and use your discoveries in sex games with your partner. How to use a vibrator for a woman?

How to use a vibrator for external stimulation?

All vibrators can be used to stimulate external erogenous zones. Some of them are for external stimulation only and are particularly effective.

Clitoral Vibrators. Such vibrators will stimulate the clitoris most effectively. The variety of these vibrators is very large. These are clitoral vibrators of various shapes (butterfly, dolphin or other shapes) strapped. With these vibrators, your hands are free, so you can stimulate your erogenous zones additionally with another type of vibrator, vacuum pump, or other stimulator. Rest assured that the clitoral vibrator will provide unparalleled pleasure.

Egg-shaped vibrators. These are small one- or two-piece vibrators resembling an egg. They can stimulate the clitoris, nipples, or any other erogenous zone. Vibrators of this type can also be used for internal stimulation. Just insert this vibrator into your vagina like a tampon and enjoy the fantastic sensations. Some of these vibrators can be controlled by a wireless control panel, giving the game freedom or, if controlled by a partner, a surprise.

Vibrating nipple clamps. These are wired clamps with a control panel. You attach them very easily to your nipples and enjoy the stimulation they provide.

How are vibrators used for internal stimulation?

The endless choice of vibrators will allow you to choose the one that will give you the most pleasure.

Traditional vibrators. These sex toys are designed for both internal and external stimulation. If you like special sensations in yourself, you should try these vibrators. It is well known that clitoral stimulation is necessary for women to achieve orgasm. Therefore, we recommend the use of two vibrators - to stimulate the clitoris and internal vaginal stimulation. For example, you can use a traditional and a butterfly-type vibrator at the same time. Your sex game will be much more enjoyable if you use a lubricant. Remember that you should only use water-based lubricants with sex toys.

G-spot vibrators. This type of vibrator will allow you to detect and stimulate the mysterious G-spot. The G-spot vibrators have a curved end that allows you to find the hidden most sensitive point. Not all women like G-spot stimulation. The feeling of discomfort is usually caused by a full half of urine, so it is recommended to defecate before using such a vibrator. The G-spot can also be massaged with a finger before stimulation with a vibrator.

Double vibrators. It is a vibrator that creates vibration for the clitoris and stimulates the vagina with its circular movements. These vibrators can be controlled separately. Some of them have special rolling balls inside that move as the vibrator shaft rotates and cause extra stimulation. These are great vibrators to feel different sensations at once.

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