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From a love medicine story

Obviously, the world is back to old medicine. They are heavily invested in research. Pharmacy historians have become the most hunted people ...

So the director of the Lithuanian Museum of Medicine and Pharmacy, pharmaceutical historian Tauras MEKAS talks to us.

Aphrodisiacs speeded up the wedding and ...

Do not think that the gates to the ninth heaven of love were opened by our ancestors relying only on their own strength. Often a clever pharmacist helped them to open those gates ...

Many spells have been helping Lithuanians solve love affairs since ancient times. In addition to the spells, there were ... herbal and chemical substances that helped men "drive out sluggishness." Drug dealers wandering around the villages could offer Venus hair syrup (also known as "liubčiku" - a debt from the Polish; lovers - V. Kudirka's name). In addition, Spanish flies, the "English patch" - artificial moles also had their buyer ...

Mistresses were usually bought by girls who wanted to marry a man they liked faster. Folk teachings without curtains warned that when giving a man a "liubčiko", there should be nothing nearby. This clever ban helped to avoid competition (if several girls talk to a man sipping a lube, he may be impressed by one who does not need any effort!). So the inventive owner of lovemaking just had to add them to wine, beer or soup. And then ... Because the times were "deeply decent", it all ended with a wedding.

By the way, married women also needed a "lubchik". They believed that this lover guarantees a quiet family life - a man who has drunk a "lubčiko" looks less at beautiful young men, does not stray into the country ...

According to pharmaceutical historian T. Mekas, lovemen were certainly not bought to help satisfy stormy sexual fantasies (they are now given a lot of attention in women's publications). Love was needed for one purpose - to help marry and "tie" a man.

Of course, part of the society - the nobility of the manors - followed a different conception of lovemaking. Like students studying in Warsaw, St. Petersburg, Paris, and so on. However, this area of ​​life of the townspeople and the elite is unexplored soils. Without accurate information, no conclusions can be drawn. And the very fact that it was possible to buy an "English patch" - artificial moles - in the pharmacy may testify to a certain influence of the city's culture on the village.

"Safe" drugs that stimulate sexual ability

There are many different substances that stimulate sexual ability. Sometimes the side effects they cause can do more harm than good. The golden rule should be followed: the cause of sexual incapacity should be clarified with your doctor first. Medicines are not miracles. The cause of the disability may be a problem with your kidneys or other organs.

After all, artificially arousing only one body function is dangerous. It’s the same as with a 20-year-old car (with worn tires) running at a tremendous speed on a winding and potholed road. Only TV commercials quickly get rid of ailments and diseases. Treatment requires not only human will, but also effort and time. The immediate effects of any sexual enhancement drug are not salvation. It is not a medicine, but a painful "bizun". His accents damage the body ...

Drugs that promote sexual performance and are safe to use. These are:

Jaundice (also “liubčikas”, “liubystras”, “levistikas” in Lithuanian). In folk medicine, this plant is used to treat kidney, heart disease, to enhance sexual activity.

Ajeras. It is the least dangerous. It is believed that the Tartars brought this plant to Lithuania. It was planted everywhere - because it is a good remedy for depression. The Tatars helped the Tatars, who moved to the harsh and rainy climate, to brighten their mood ... The Ajeras took root very quickly in Lithuania. The sexual performance-enhancing properties of this plant have not gone unnoticed. Ajero candy was available at the pharmacy. (The museum director has revealed the secret that he has an ancient recipe for making these candies. At the start of the Ayer season, he promised to make those candies. Why not visit the museum pharmacy and not be sure of the production results?)

Although candy was marketed as a digestive aid, the reason for its success lay elsewhere. After all, the sweets of ajero set the fire of love brighter. And men were grateful to them, and women were happy ...

Mint tea also deserves good words for its sexual-enhancing properties. Folk medicine describes a decoction of mint as a drink that gives a man more "pinch".

Honey, wheat grains, milk - they are safe to consume. And tea?


Sometimes the line between pleasures and… death is completely fragile. Therefore, legendary Spanish fly has long been a deadly drug to enhance sexual performance. Like dried mussels. The mandrake (roots of the mandrake plant) mentioned in the sources should also be treated with caution - this plant has narcotic properties.

So maybe it's better to choose a reliable and healthy mint tea? Of course, with ajero candy!

Author of the article: Vida JANKAITIENĖ

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