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The 4 most popular sex poses

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Sex is a great way to get rid of unnecessary pounds. Sexologists at the University of Bremen have found that only four of the many sex poses burn the most calories, according to News of the World.

"Intimate relationships basically train the muscles of the whole body: legs, abdomen, arms, shoulders, back" It's enough to have sex for 15 minutes and you will lose up to 500 kcal, "say the researchers at the University of Bremen.

We offer the 4 most popular sex poses to help a woman lose weight.

1. Standing

This posture requires considerable physical strength from both partners. At that time, almost all the muscles in the body are trained and active calorie burning takes place.

1. Face to face

Strengthens the muscles of the back, thighs and legs.

3. Woman on top

In this position, the muscles of a woman’s arms, shoulders and chest work. The abdomen is especially active.

4. Lying when a woman's legs - on a man's shoulders.

This pose can be compared to aerobic exercise because then the woman’s flexibility is trained.

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