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What do our Customers say?

It would not be a German product: extremely nice, high quality, a lot of accessories ... I could only be a little cheaper .... although I do not regret it ...
Definitely a surprise that it didn't occur in the summer ...
The man gave it to me. My reaction was grim, I didn’t even think of using it. However, when the man left, I remembered that I had and tried it :))) I was impressed, I adored it
Really warm! Completely different feeling :)
I enjoy it almost every day - super!
My girlfriend's husband HATES this device because it works perfectly and he cannot remove it! She keeps him locked away like the good LITTLE cuck hubby that he is!! I'm training her on BBC now!!! She keeps him locked away like the good LITTLE cuck hubby that he is...
Nothing to do while quarantined? People !!!!! This is not true!!!!! Make Love !!!!!
I attended a friend’s wedding and with a vibrator I won one assignment, I saw it as a fun joke and for a while he lay just deep in the drawer. However, one evening the curiosity overcame and I tried, I am satisfied, the intensity of the vibration is enough, the pleasure gives a lot ....
When I received the product, I was pleasantly surprised that the packaging was as shown in the picture. A small chest that keeps a pleasant secret. About the tail itself, I can say that it is a delicate, playful, gentle and very pleasant thing. I am really very happy with the purchase. I will also add that I was very satisfied with the communication, information, advice and suggestions provided by the employees when choosing the goods. So it's really nice to choose and buy a product when you get such a sauna service.
My husband's comments "after": -Fatastic you look like an aphid :), and when I enter my "biciuli", the inside is so stiff and pressed ... My comment: -Good volume, easy to warm in warm water and wash off after use. No discomfort when entering or exiting. In summary: A truly fain, innovative toy.